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Nuud makes people happy!

And they tell you why...
Is your nose happy with your deodorant?
Can you give your deodorant to that teen at home?
Does your dermatologist agree with your deodorant?
Is your parfum glad with your deodorant?
Does your deodorant get you through the day?
Does your deodorant work for several days?
Does your deodorant allow for healthy sweating?
Is your deodorant cruelty free?
Does you deodorant prevent odor?
Is your deodorant free from aluminium salts and parabens?
Does your deodorant have a neutral scent?
Can your deodorant handle your active lifestyle?
Does your deodorant keep your shirts stain free?
Is the packaging of your deodorant sustainable?
With Nuud you can answer all these questions with a confident YES! Because Nuud is not only totally innocent but also highly effective.

Totally innocent

  • • Completely harmless for your body and health
  • • No aluminiumsalts, no parabens, no propellants, no artificial fragrances, no vague chemical connections
  • • Guaranteed leaves no stains
  • • Sustainable packaging, production & distribution
  • • 100% animal testing free

Want to know how this is possible?



Highly Effective

  • • Revolutionary deodorant with microsilver
  • • Prevents odour instead of just disguising it
  • • Remains effective for several days (between 3 and 7 days). Sporting, being active or showering: no problem, Nuud remains 100% effective
  • • Patented formula

Want to know how this is possible?


You could be two of 'm:

revolutionary armpits!

We want to convince the world one pair of armpits at a time that it’s possible: a deodorant that’s both innocent and highly effective. Become two forefront armpits and receive a tube of Nuud (enough for 6 weeks on average) for € 11.95.
You are joining a revolution not only for your armpits, but for the planet. Because Nuud comes in a sugarcane tube, wrapped in 100% biodegradable cardboard and delivered Co2-neutrally.
Are you ready for the change? 
For sure!

armpits served already

Never Without Nuud Service

If (we say ‘if’, no pressure here) you become a fan of Nuud, you’ll never have to miss out on Nuud ever again…
Because with our Never No Nuud Service you get your personal supply of Nuud sent directly to your home when you need it.
Click here to see how that works.

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If you order Nuud now, within a few days you’ll be using a revolutionary deodorant. Are you ready to experience a deodorant that is highly effective and totally innocent at the same time? A tube of Nuud costs €11,95 and last 6 to 7 weeks on average.


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 123 reviews

by Oana Steliana Stoleriu on NUUD
Little gem

I find this product to be absolutely amazing. It's been a month and it still has some uses. I don't know how to explain how good this is for me other ... View review >

by Jacqueline Green on NUUD

This product is fantastic. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It works superbly and has the wonderful advantage of being good for the skin/body/environment... View review >

by Dirk Soete on NUUD
Works very well!

Works very well for me!! Can recommend it!

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28 March 2018

Everything has its price. That’s a fact. The price of Nuud is based on the cost we incur to produce it, to sell it and to distribute it. Nuud makes clear choices when it comes to its effectiveness, the health of people and the effects on the environment. For instance,...Read more >

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Nuud does Costa Rica

11 January 2018

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